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Hardware Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, or Retail

Ghost CVR-16 - Hybrid Security


The Ghost CVR is available in four color options , tough and secure this Digital recorder is only available from 

the Ghost  CVR features:

Full Head-end in a wall mounted security in an IP68 Case. 1 wire to 1 location  no mess or space constraints. Other features include:

  Power for 16 chs @12 VDC with 50 to 30Amps, 

 10" inch  Touchscreen  plus  optional  42 "or 55" inch   HDLCD touchscreen Command,

indoor or outdoor applications ,

cuts costs on labor, wire  & time,

simplify any installation ,


Jet Cooling System

 LTE  or Wireless LAN even optional  Long Range   

Large property? Why not Mesh with

the Ghost CVR

private wireless meshing with its 7  inputs for all wire types  cat 5,single coax, or Siamese accepts  all inputs like  TVI, AHD ,CVI ,CVBS ,IP, and even 

EX-SDI Cameras   

less mess ,less wire ,less time,& less service calls with a Ghost  CVR 16

Since 2010


We always have Innovated ahead of pack:

INNSystemz developed  Cloud HD one of the first WiFi LCD TV integrated with an HD satellite tuner for the best experience in hotel guest rooms. This  served

pay-per-view movies and apps on screen also advertising  options plus energy saving costs by using Cloud HD.

We now shifted our focus to

delivering the  most advanced security solutions for all types business needs. 

We  integrate electronic complexity in to friendly with easy useful controls for entertainment or security with simple interface approach.

We design Secured Solutions that fit your needs


      *Net Cyber Threat Consulting 

     *Energy Loss  site  analysis. 

    * Safety & Rescue planning

      * Security threat evaluation  

 * Digital Investigations  &  Forensics equip.

                        * Low Voltage Design Service                               * Pro  Audio Video Walls

   * Port Policing"Net Cop" services 

*Ghost CVR with mini PTZ  HD Cameras

*Time Accounting Devices

*Freq Detection or Reflection Products

* Tuned  Off-Air HDTV Systems 

Phones and Radio communication

*WISP  wireless Internet Products

*Software Consolidations or roadmap

*HeadEnd Construction

*Store Pendants

*Public View Displays

*Corporate Connect  VMS

Want a safe network?


Thats right, we have it figured out for business and know what the best way to keep networks the safest from cyber threats. large or small even a firewall we  can do it all ! Time clocks to  or the  latest security Systemz, even fleet automotive CCTV HD  solutions!  

Knowledgeable and Ready for technology


We pride ourselves analyzing what's available and what's going to be available in all types of businesses situations so that we may create some of the very most advanced simplified solutions that won't be obsolete tomorrow



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