Is you Video and online IOT devices Secure ?

We are an Anti Cloud Company


No Cloud = No Problem

  Protecting your Information safe from online hacking or a (Cloud in a Storm) that could only cripple business if the internet fails? 

Even though we are a surveillance company we believe in the Constitutional right to privacy and will do what is necessary to supply this to our customers every time no excuses.

No back doors , no backup servers off site , no web sign ups with yet another login and password.  We build simple and useful system components that are the best in the industry while offering more equipment lifespan.

We build Systemz  that do not  require internet to functions so the best protection we believe is No connection is always the most secure solution. 

We want you to be satisfied


Here is some ways we do just that

We will never be the fastest company and do not care to be, we take our time with every solution we build to make sure you know how to use it and understand it.


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